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REALTOR, OMNI Homes International

We all wear different hats. Melissa "Meli" Vela is blessed to be first and foremost a mom to her five amazing kids.

She decided early on in her real estate career that she wanted to find a niche and specialize in something she

felt strongly about.

Meli started out by getting her SRES (Senior Real Estate Specialist) designation. While taking this course, she learned that the rate of divorce among couples aged 50 and older had risen in recent years.  She knew it was important to her to help the aging community of Tucson achieve their housing goals, and upon doing some research, she discovered an evident need for real estate guidance during divorce. This sparked her interest and she continued to research the topic. Ultimately she decided upon the RCS-D (Real Estate Collaboration Specialist-Divorce) certification which is taught by the accomplished Professor Kelly Lise Murray, J.D.


Keep the house for all the right reasons. Meli is passionate about helping couples of all ages navigate the real estate side of this often very stressful time. Allow Meli to be your real estate guide through divorce, whether you plan to keep the house or sell it. Either way, it is best to go into mediation well informed. 

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